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Google AI Transforms Search: Introducing Lens, Multisearch, and More!

Updated: Jun 2

Google AI is taking search to new heights through revolutionary advancements that make it more visual and intuitive than ever. With game-changing features like Lens and Multisearch, here's how Google is redefining the search experience:

💡 Google AI: Making Search Visual and Intuitive

In an effort to enhance the user experience, Google AI is pioneering advancements in artificial intelligence to make search more visual and intuitive. The way we find information online is being transformed.

💡 #GoogleLens: Redefining Visual Search

Google Lens, which empowers users to search using their camera or images, is now used over 10 billion times per month, attesting to its popularity and usefulness.

💡 Lens: Search Your Screen on Android

Soon, Lens will debut a feature that lets you "search your screen" on Android devices globally. This groundbreaking feature allows users to search what they see in photos or videos across various apps and websites, all without leaving the app.

💡 Introducing #Multisearch: Picture and Text Search Combined

With the introduction of Multisearch, Google has unlocked a whole new way of expressing and finding information online. This innovative feature allows users to search with both pictures and text simultaneously, blurring the boundaries between visual and textual search.

💡 Multisearch Supports Local Searches

Multisearch isn't just about combining picture and text search. It's also about making local searches easier. By simply adding "near me" to the search query, users can now find local information faster and easier. This feature will expand globally in the upcoming months.

💡 Global Availability of Multisearch: Search Any Image on Mobile

Soon, Multisearch will be globally available, letting users search for any image they see on the search results page on their mobile devices. This enhancement takes visual search to an unprecedented level.

💡 Creating More Natural and Visual Search Experiences with AI

Google's mission doesn't stop at Lens and Multisearch. The tech giant is continuously striving to create more natural and visual search experiences using the power of AI. This commitment signals even more exciting advancements in the future of online search.

With Google AI's remarkable enhancements, the world of online search is being transformed. As Lens and Multisearch reshape how we express and find information online, the future of search looks more exciting than ever.

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